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Restoration of rare wet habitats

Until 2018 eight Danish environmental authorities and the Foundation to the Protection of birds will cooperate to improve the natural values in 18 projects distributed in 11 Danish Natura 2000 sites. The project is supported by EU LIFE Fund and pays special attention to raised bogs, alkaline fens and other rare types of fens. Also wet heaths are part of the project. In total activities will occur on 790 hectares.

The main part of the nature types in the project is on the national list of vulnerable nature types which are in the risk of further decline the coming years. Therefore immediate action is needed to secure these nature types.

The project wil take place on private areas in the municipalities of Assens, Nordfyns, Kerteminde, Odense, Langeland, Silkeborg and Faaborg-Midtfyn. Besides this, the project also involves areas under the Danish Nature Agency Fyn and the Foundation to the Protection of Birds.

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