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Area description
Enebærodde constitutes the northern demarcation of the Odense Fjord habitat area. The headland contains Funen’s only considerable heath, comprised of both wet (4010) and dry heath (4030). The areas containing heath and Juniperus communis formations (5130) cover 60 ha of Enebærodde’s 2 km2. The remaining area consists of coniferous forests and Atlantic salt meadows (1330).
The prevalence of wet heath (4010) is particularly threatened by overgrowing, and the heather Erica tetralis is in danger of disappearing from Enebærodde entirely.
Enebærodde has been subject to preservation, aimed at the unique nature and landscape values. The preservation involves custody of public authorities. The area is a frequent destination for locals and tourists alike.

The aim of the project is to secure, improve and expand the current habitat types wet heath (4010) and dry heath (4030), as well as establishing new areas containing adjacent wet and dry heath.


  • Clearing trees and bushes to prevent the existing 14.8 ha wet heath (4010) from overgrowing.
  • Examining the possibility of improving the hydrology in order to expand the wet heath (4010).
  • An overgrowth of Pteridium aquilinum poses a particular problem, and must be suppressed.
  • By clearing 9 ha withered forest, it is possible to reestablish a mosaic of wet and dry heath.



Number of ha: 29
Numner of land owners: 1
Number of ha. Habitat type: 20
Project owner: Nordfyns Kommune

Nordfyns Municipality
Jakob Pedersen
Tel. + 45 6482 8113
E-mail: jmp@nordfynskommune.dk

Nature 2000-area
Odense Fjord
Natura 2000-area no. 110
Habitat area H94