Assens municipality

Section I:
Gravene is a 21 ha natural resort consisting of meadows, marshland and alder wood. The area is part of the LIFE70 project, as it is comprised of biologically valuable habitats.  In several places, the habitat nature types is in the process of overgrowing, thus requiring a certain amount of care. 4.7 ha alkaline fens (7230) have been registered in the area. Alkaline fens are typical rich in species. This demands optimal lighting conditions to prevent the low-growing vegetation from overgrowing and eventually disappearing. The natural state of the alkaline fens in the area is generally poor, and it is necessary to implement a maintenance effort to prevent further decline.

Section II:
The area consists of 3 ha of petrifying springs (7220) situated close to Odense River. Sheep graze the area, but a further effort is needed to ensure optimal conditions for the conservation of the springs.  Currently, the natural state of the springs is moderate.
The objective of the project is to improve the natural state of the area and secure a favourable preservation status of the various types of habitats that constitute the foundation of the Natura 2000 area, or are included in the Council Directive 92/43/EEC on the Conservation of Natural Habitats and of Wild Flora and Fauna.


  • The current 4,7 ha of alkaline fens are cleared to allow for a larger area of alkaline fens (7230).
  • Clearance of another 5 ha of adjacent marshland, and possibly parts of the registered alluvial forests with alnus glutinosa and fraxinus excelsior 91E0, to be used for the restoration and expansion of alkaline fens (7230).
  • Grazing of the registered alkaline fens (7230), grazing of the areas cleared to expand the alkaline fens (7230), grazing of the 3 ha petrifying springs (7220) area and, if necessary, grazing of the alnus glutinosa and fraxinus excelsior 91E0 to a certain extent.
  • The existing area of alkaline fens (7230) will be fenced as will the petrifying springs (7220)  and to a lesser degree, the areas of alnus glutinosa and fraxinus excelsior 91E0.

Number of hectares: 24 ha
Number of landowners: 7
Types: 7.7 ha habitat type and 3.6 ha wooded habitat type
Project owner: Assens Municipality

Assens Municipality, Miljø og Natur
Kim Walsted Knudsen 
Tel. +45 64 74 72 26 

Ida Søkilde Jelnes
Tel. +45 64 74 68 82

Natura 2000-area
Odense Å with Hågerup Å, Sallinge Å and Lindved Å
Natura 2000 area no. 114
Habitat area H98