Lisbjerg Bog

Nordfyn Municipality

Area description
Lisbjerg Bog (Danish: Lisbjerg Mose) is a 35 ha area containing a string of bogs and meadows sprinkled across the northern part of Nordfyn Municipality. The bog is situated in the southeasterly end of the habitat area. The bog is primarily comprised of the habitat types Alnus glutinosa and Fraxinus excelsior swamps (91E0), and a number of lakes and ponds of varying sizes. One section of the bog contains a smaller area of alkaline fens (7230) – one of the richest in species on Funen. The alkaline fens cover 4 ha of Lisbjerg Bog, but must presumably have been lager before the growth of Alnus glutinosa and Fraxinus excelsior (91E0) increased.

The project intends to improve and expand the current area of alkaline fens (7230) from 4 ha to 10 ha in total.

It is the hope that the preservation of the alkaline fens will help preserve the sedge, Schoenus nigricans, which is one of only three remaining populations in Denmark.

The enhancement of the alkaline fens (7230) will in turn improve the living conditions for the Vertigo geyeri (1013), which habitat is open wet areas.


  • Clearing reeds, trees and bushes in the current alkaline fens (7230) in order to create more light.
  • Clearing 4 ha Alnus glutinosa swamps to enlarge the alkaline fens (7230).
  • Fencing the area, allows for grazing, thus keeping the areas open.



Number of ha: 10
Number of land owners: 7
Number of ha. habitat type: 4
Project owner: Nordfyn Municipality

Nordfyns Municipality
Jakob Pedersen
Tel. +45 6482 8113

Nature 2000-area
Æbelø, the waters south of Nærå Beach
Natura 2000-area no. 108
Habitat area H92