Langeland Municipality

Piledybet is found in connection with Ristinge Bog and spans 26 ha.

Piledybet comprises a centrally located 1.6 ha lake, surrounded by alkaline fens (7230), calcareous fens (7210) and bog woodland (91D0). The western side of the bog lies adjacent to fixed coastal dunes (2130) which are in the process of growing. The south western part of the expanse contains 0.2 ha not originally part of the Natura-2000 area. They are, nonetheless, included in the project area, as they form a natural part of the alkaline fens within the project.

The state of the lake is good. It contains Ultricularia vulgaris amongst other species. The structural states of the alkaline and calcareous fens are respectively low and moderate due to overgrowth and a low water level accordingly. The state of species in the alkaline fens is good while it is moderate in the calcareous fens.

The entire project area has been subject to grazing, but since grazing has ceased, the majority of the area is now covered with reeds and birch trees. An area of Atlantic salt meadows (1330) in the southern part of the project area is currently used for grazing. No pesticides or fertilisers are used, rendering this area rich in plants such as Dactylorhiza majalis.

Towards the west, bog woodland (91D0) lies adjacent to an area of fixed coastal dunes currently (2130) growing Rosa rogusa, Cytisus, oak, Pinus negra and  Populus alba.

To secure natural hydrology, the summer water level of the area will be raised. The primary aim is to prevent summer exsiccation, thus obtaining the requisites for a favourable preservation of the alkaline and calcareous fens. Meanwhile, this also leaves the area better suited to host Circus aeruginosus, Botaurus stellaris and Porzana porzana.

The following actions will be initiated:

  • The summer water level will be raised by partly blocking watering ditches to secure better hydrology of the calcareous and alkaline fens, in total 16 ha.
  • Approximately 2 ha bog woodland is cleared to allow for new alkaline fens (7230).
  • 3 ha grasslands and fixed coastal (2130) dunes are cleared to allow for the development of fixed coastal dunes which also serve as dry dens for the grazing animals.
  • 1950 metres fencing facilitates an 11 ha grazing area.
  • Placement of gates which allow the public to enter the are.
  • Facilities for visitors: one information board.



Number of ha: 26
Number of landowners: 7
Mapped habitat types: 
3.4 ha bog woodland (91D0)
0.16 ha calcareous fens (7210) 
9.1 ha alkaline fens (7230) 
Project owner: Langeland Municipality

Langeland Municipality and Svendborg Municipality
Astrid Ejlersen  
tel:  + 45 63 51 60 43
email: ae@langelandkommune.dk 

Dorit Fruergaard
tel: + 45 62 23 34 46

Nature 2000-area
The South Funen Archipelago
Natura 2000-area no. 127
Habitat area H 111