Ristinge Bog

Langeland Municipality and the Danish Nature Agency Funen

Area description
Ristinge Bog (Danish: Ristinge Mose) is found in the Natura 2000 area: The South Funen Archipelago, in the southwestern part of Ristinge Cove which was dammed in 1872. The Danish Nature Agency owns the 11,7 ha project area consisting of bog, meadows, thicket and an area of forest, primarily oak and pine planted in 1987 as well as a parking area by Ristingevej.

Ristinge Bog is grossly overgrown due to lacking or insufficient grazing. Although the meadow is grazed by cattle for part of the year, several areas have succumbed to high-growing vegetation which in some places, have developed into thicket or swamp forest.
The area belonging to The Danish Nature Agency is protected forest. It is also paragraph 3 protected nature, with saturated soil in the lowest part of the area which hosts vegetation specific to alkaline fens (7230).

The project must protect, restore and maintain 6-7 ha alkaline fens (7230). The project will simultaneously fulfill the purpose of The Danish Nature Agency’s operational plan, which aims at protecting alkaline fens with Dactylorhiza. It is a requisite for low-growing vegetation that the area is kept light in order for sedges, Dactylorhiza and mosses to thrive.
Furthermore, the project will benefit the Natrix natrix, the Triturus vulgaris, the Rana arvalis and the Rana esculenta (speicies under the Habitats Directive) which are all found in the area.

The project entails thinning out some of the wooded area and differentiated clearing and cutting. Grazing throughout the year will be initiated by purchasing 5-6 heads of cattle. It is necessary to establish 1.5 km fencing, shelter and a drinking device for the animals.

A restoration of three minor waterholes is proposed.

The project does not intend make any hydrological alterations, as this will affect the surrounding plots to an extent which requires means far beyond the limitations of the project.

Paths in the area will be redirected, and an information board will be constructed by the existing parking space by Ristingevej. All actions will take place in areas belonging to The Danish Nature Agency.



Number of ha: 11.7
Number of land owners: 1
Mapped habitat types: 5.5 ha bog and meadow
Project owner: The Danish Nature Agency Funen

The Danish Nature Agency Funen
Annita Svendsen                
Tel +45 72 54 35 44

Nature 200-area
Nature 2000-area no. 127

Habitat area H111


The project requires land zone permission and 
exemption from The Danish Forest Act and 
The Protection of Nature Act.