Sadelmager Mose and Langemose

Kerteminde Municipality

The project area consists of approximately 35 ha of the eastern part of the Natura 2000 expanse. It comprises a narrow piece of land along the coast of Hindsholm and contains Atlantic salt meadows (1330), alkaline fens (7230) and calcareous fens (7210).
The project area is protected in accordance with the Danish law of nature conservation paragraph 3, and the southernmost part of the area is preserved. The entire area lies within the zone of coastal protection.


The objective of the project is to enhance and expand the area of alkaline fens (7230) with approximately 10 ha. Also, the 0.6 ha calcareous fens (7210) grazing area is increased with 5 ha alkaline fens (7230) and 5 ha Atlantic salt meadows (1330). Furthermore, the project must improve the breeding conditions of amphibians, especially the epidalea calamita.
The project entails clearing a 10 ha area of reeds, bushes and trees. Also, 2 km fencing must be established as well as five small watering holes. Livestock (5 pieces) must be purchased to graze the area around the year, and shelters and drinking fountains must be installed. Finally, material about the area must be improved.




Number of ha: 35
Numner of landowners: 1
Mapped habitat types: 16,6 ha 
Project owner:Kerteminde Municipality

Kerteminde Municipality
Martin Køhl Søholm
Tel. + 45 65 15 14 86 

Natura 2000-area
The ocean between Romsø and Hindsholm as well as Romsø 
Natura 2000-area no. 109 
Habitat area H93 
Bird preservation area F77