Stenholt Bog

Silkeborg Municipality

Stenholt Bog (Danish: Stenholt Mose) is Denmark’s third largest, intact active raised bog (7110). However, large parts are afflicted by peat gathering and drainage. The intact section of the bog, approximately 40 ha, has been covered by birch trees. The birches were cut down and removed 13-14 years ago. Since birches sprout from the stump, the regrowth has been cut down repeatedly every two years.

It is a tough and tenacious job to continually work a bush cutter in an endangered active raised bog. 40 ha is a large area even for five workers. It is also expensive.

The restoration entails raising the water level in the bog by placing a membrane along two sides of the bog, where ditches two metres in depth, separate the bog from the adjacent farmed land. Furthermore, a dam constructed13-14 years ago, will be raised.
The primary objective is to restore the previous water level, thus securing the intact part of the bog. The secondary incentive is expanding the active part of the bog.

Previous restoration of active raised bogs (7110) has shown that young birch trees are difficult to drown. Older birch trees are easily drowned, yet obstinate regrowth is hard to get rid of. Experiments have shown that 2-3 cuts during the season of growth, over a period of three years, will eventually kill the birches. Thus, the initial task requires getting rid of regrowth by continually cutting the stumps. If possible even below the peat.



Number of ha:  120
Number of landowners:  1
Number of ha, habitat type: 80
Project owner:  Silkeborg Municipality

Silkeborg Municipality 
Bente Sørensen
Tel. +45 89701518

Nature 2000-area
Stenholt Forest and Stenholt Bog (Danish: Stenholt Skov and Stenholt Mose)

Natura 2000-area no. N228
Habitat area H228