Fåborg Midtfyn Municipality

Storelung is one of very few active raised bogs (7120) left in Denmark. The bog is found in an intensively farmed area west of Brobyværk on southern Funen. The bog is marked by past gathering of peat and drainage canals, yet it still contains large sections of active raised bogs and a number of rare plants. The bog is also one of Funen’s most important butterfly areas.
The project will secure and expand the area of active raised bogs (7120) in Storelung, by optimising water level conditions, thus benefiting the sphagnum which constitutes the active raised bogs. The project area spans 55 ha, including the active raised bog of 28 ha, and the areas surrounding the bog.
The conditions for the active raised bog (7120) will be improved by:

    • Raising the water level in the current ring canal
    • Promoting part of the surrounding farming land
    • Establishing precautionary diversions for some implicated houses
    • Keeping the bog free of birch sprouts

Conveying the intricate biology of the active raised bogs (7120)

The project will secure the active raised bog (7120) as a habitat type, and benefit a number of rare plants and insects. Some of these are butterflies such as Acanthopsyche atra, Brenthis ino and Boloria aquilonaris.
The project is a pivotal step towards fulfilling the Natura 2000 plan of action for Storelung (Natura 200 area no. 119). Storelung has been preserved since 1969 and is furthermore preserved in accordance with the Danish law of nature conservation paragraph 3.



Number of ha: 54,8
Number of landowners: 46
Mapped habitat types: 
12 ha active raised bog (7110) are expanded by 8 ha
Project owner: 
Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality

Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality
Kasper Nowack
Tel. +45 7253 2023

Natura 2000-area:

Nature 2000-area nr. 110
Habitat area H103