Urup Dam

Kerteminde Municipality

The project area comprises approximately 75 ha of the Natura 2000 area of 102 ha in total. The area is found just north of Langeskov and is dominated by two parallel valley systems pointing north-east and south-west. In the valleys are several smaller streams which constitute the upper part of the Geels River system.
The majority of the area consists of bogs and meadows set on a calcareous soil foundation. In the centre of the area, the bog Urup Dam is found.  The bog is sporadically covered by a thin layer of peat and set atop highly calcareous soil, thus resulting in large areas of alkaline fens (7230).
Approximately 60 ha of the project area are preserved in accordance with the Danish law of nature conservation paragraph 3. The central part of Urup Dam is also preserved due to botanical contents.

The objective of the project is to recreate and maintain approximately 1 ha calcareous fens (7210) and approximately 20 ha alkaline fens (7230). Furthermore, a buffer zone which supplies nutrients and serves as protection against pesticides must be established. The habitats of vertigo geyeri (1013) and liparis loeselii (1903) must be improved.

The project entails clearing bushes and trees in a 10 ha area, 3 km fencing and acquisition of approximately 3 ha raised area to function as a buffer zone, clearing 10 ha regrowth from earlier clearance and the purchase of five units livestock for all year grazing. Also, shelters and drinking fountains must be established. Finally, material about the area must be improved.



Number of ha: 75
Number of landowners: 42
Mapped habitat types: 21.1 ha 
Project owner: Kerteminde Municipality

Kerteminde Municipality
Martin Køhl Søholm
Tel +45 65 15 14 86

Natura 2000-area:
Urup Dam, Brabæk Mose, 
Birkende Mose and Illemose 
Natura 2000-area no. 113 
Habitat area H97